HRMS and its uses and benefits in construction and marine industry  | HRMS and its uses and benefits in construction and marine industry  |

HRMS and its uses and benefits in construction and marine industry

The article is about HRMS and its history.How its used in construction and marine?.What are the better solution and the tool required that works well with construction and marine?

HRMS and its uses and benefits in construction and marine industry:

HRMS or HRIS or HCM is a workforce and payroll automation software that helps in managing and evaluating employees. In the earlier days, companies were relying on manual entry processes and evaluations of employees which were not accurate. HRMS is used in general in every industry nowadays to enhance the business efficiency of HR management through digitizing payroll and other key HR processes specific to their complicated employee structure. In the late 1970s, HRMS functions were first included in the SAP product. From 1990, HRMS are made available to every size of companies ranging from small, medium and larger companies through the advancement in information technology and infrastructure, but though most of the large companies have access from the early ’70s and ’80s. For the past 15 to 20 years, there are growing HRMS vendors available in the market who provide SaaS models to specific business needs at a more affordable rate and the user can create accounts with the vendor’s web portal to make use of them.

Construction and marine companies face challenges in HR management due to complicated combinations of the employees. When it comes to the construction industry, even for medium-sized projects which will be requiring a team of technological talents with difference in specialities and availability. In general, the Construction  industry faces a huge challenge in every aspect when it comes to managing employees from joining to retention to payroll. Such a complicated industry will require a more comprehensive solution which should address most of the specific problems.HRMS is the one solution to solve the complex problem in organizing and managing the whole HR process in a smooth and controlled manner.

Describe what are all the advances ABIWhiz brings to the users that will help them significantly?

ABIWhiz encompasses a lot of features that are specialized in the construction and marine industry. The software generally works for every industry but also it covers the unique process that is required for the construction and marine companies.

ABIWhiz is available in both on-premise and cloud. The team is looking into moving towards the SaaS model for easier transaction with the customer and  in considering the market demand. The solution it provides is covering the areas of Time and Attendance Management, Payroll management and Project planning. The web-based software comes along with a Mobile app that supports taking attendance which is also a highlight. The mobile app is using Microsoft face recognition technology to capture attendance. Face recognition technology will help to capture more accurate attendance and it will help to eliminate proxy. The mobile app keeps track of the worker’s movement using GPS system and it will help HR professionals to keep track of the employees in order to ensure he/she is within the enclosed project location. 

All of those features that covered above will prevent the company is losing money from paying to the underserved workers. The automation tool that the software equips will drastically eliminate human errors. The manual process or the manual entry will encounter a lot of errors throughout the process which will lead to financial losses and wastage of time and resources to the organisation and it increases the stress levels of the HR professionals, making their work more demotivated and unpleasant. Even intangible losses can be controlled and managed using HRMS in general, whereas ABIWhiz is going the extra mile to cover in a specific construction-related complex process like Scaffolding. The wages calculated in the scaffolding job are a way different from the usual and the manual process will make it more time consuming and requires extra staffs to calculate the wages to be paid to the workers. So automating those functions into the software will help bring the work of the user to only feed pre-formatted data into the software and the software itself will do rest of the work of the staffs and give a 99.9% accurate report eliminating the large margin of errors compared to the manual process. Incorporating HRMS in the business  will also improve company culture. It channels a more easy transactions between the HR and the other employees by improved communication. Helping them roll out a lot of salary-related documents and other business-related documents easily and efficiently.ABIWhiz catered to the needs of Singapore government which will help the main contractor or the subcontractor to generate report with no stress and making the job done in matter of minutes.

The Singapore government requires a lot of paper works to be carried out by the main contractor or subcontractor during the time of projects from start of the project to the end. One such kind of report is EPSS, which Singapore government requests every construction or marine business to produce before start of the job For example: Paint job, building erection job etc.EPSS plays an important role to get approval or improve communication with the government during a project. Manually creating this report every time is time consuming and less efficient.ABIWhiz covers this complex process in order to make it easier for the user to generate reports.The team understands the key requirements that is required to run the project smoothly and focuses on those to produce an innovative solution.

ABIWhiz team is really sure of the advantages that the software can deliver to its customers and they are confident about the customer retention in the long run. In construction industry safety is a major concern and the team has understood the pain of the people in construction industry and devised a smart solution that works for Worker safety operations. 

Employees working in construction sites have to operate machines or deal with potentially hazardous materials. In order to safely handle those machines and to be safer, the employees have to be properly trained.ABIWhiz encompass features that allow HR professionals to store and to keep track of the worker safety documents.

ABIWhiz keeps track of the date the employee acquired the training certificates and the expiry date. The expiry date of the certificate will automatically send out as a  notification to the relevant authorities for further actions. This will help them to keep the HR’s to be inline with their work and also it will help the company to progress and profit timingly. Because without a doubt Human Resources are a precious asset to any organisation in general and working towards the resource will help the organisation gain and prosper.