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ABI-WHIZ SmartTrack was developed by ABI-Tech Solution and it has been successfully used to log more than 200 employees in and out from work sites. Created using the latest development tools from Microsoft, the ABI-WHIZ SmartTrack  application was developed natively for both Android and iOS smart phones and is able to scale to any sized organisation. Designed to be secure, ABI-WHIZ SmartTrack simplifies the process of logging in and out from site for both supervisors and workers. By utilising GPS positioning, ABI-WHIZ SmartTrack can eliminate the possibility of proxy-punching as well as remove the need for  additional hardware such as biometric readers or punch cards.

To organise a demonstration of ABI-WHIZ SmartTrack, please contact ABI-TECH and speak to one of their trained professionals. (http:\\www.abi-tech.com.sg)

 –  Steven, Industrial Solution Manager, ABI-Tech Solution Pte Ltd

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  1. Dawood

    Innovative solution which help to manage resource across distributive environment.

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