With ABIWHIZ suite you can find the answer to the questions within a few mouse clicks.

When does their training expire?  When is their work pass due? Who is their next of kin? Where is their contract stored? How many sick days have they had? …?..? With ABIWHIZ suite you can find the answer to all … Read More

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HRMS Diamond

Handling HR activities of company of any size using ABIWhiz HRMS

Abiwhiz HRMS is a complete automated Human Resource management system customized to fit all size of companies dealing with Construction, Marine and Engineering. Starting from the company details Abiwhiz HRMS handles employee details, Time and Attendance, Leaves and Payroll .It … Read More

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Effective Time Management is crucial to running a business successfully. Every business has great ideas, innovative thinking capabilities and very high aspirations. But who succeeds? Only the businesses with right set of tools to manage their manpower’s time. If a … Read More

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ABIWhiz Smart Track

ABI-WHIZ SmartTrack was developed by ABI-Tech Solution and it has been successfully used to log more than 200 employees in and out from work sites. Created using the latest development tools from Microsoft, the ABI-WHIZ SmartTrack  application was developed natively … Read More

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digital transformation

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation of Businesses helps the company to increase profitability through productivity. It also helps to extend the business beyond the geographical reach. Every business is unique in nature and so transformation vary from business to business. Business need growth … Read More

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