Handling HR activities of company of any size using ABIWhiz HRMS

HRMS Diamond

Abiwhiz HRMS is a complete automated Human Resource management system customized to fit all size of companies dealing with Construction, Marine and Engineering. Starting from the company details Abiwhiz HRMS handles employee details, Time and Attendance, Leaves and Payroll .It also comes with Project wise tracking of employees functionality which helps to record  check in and check out of the employees from the project sites located remotely. Leave approval process supports diamond employee hierarchy formed out of multiple levels and multiple divisions.

ABI-Tech took the pain of Construction, Marine and Engineering industry to find an exact fit for the people in those  industries  by doing all the heavy lifting of learning the process thoroughly from different resources to come out with a compatible and innovative solution.

Are you curious to know in detail about  how Abiwhiz HRMS solution may fit your company ?

 – Riyaz, Solution Executive, ABI-Tech Solution Pte Ltd

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