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Are you looking for the most preferred Human Resources Management System (HRMS) software in Singapore? Your search ends right here at ABIWhiz!
We offer one of the top HRMS software and payroll management software in Singapore servicing the entire employment lifecycle from employee scheduling, onboarding, time & attendance, e-learning and payroll.

What is HRMS – Human Resource Management System

A Human Resource Management System or HRMS is a type of HR software that comes with a number of process and systems to facilitate the effective management of human resources, data and business processes. Because HRMS is built on IT systems and processes, it can perform multiple HR functions such as storing employee data, recruitment process, payroll management, maintenance of attendance records and benefits administration.

Features of Workin Pay

Recruitment – Recruitment with Workin Pay is easy with applicant tracking and management and automated job postings. The job postings and recruitment feature covers all important job boards across Singapore.
Onboarding – As an HR, you can streamline and automate new staff onboarding. ABIWhiz helps get rid of paperwork and needless data entry for new employees with the support of completely customized onboarding system. Your new recruits can arrive at their first shift, complete paperwork and get ready for work.
Time & Attendance – ABIWhiz comes with a longin-based time clock software and facial recognition. It ensures integration and transfer of data is easier and faster. T&A data is automatically transferred to payroll for processing and approval.
Employee Self Service– This module helps employees add and manage their profiles, payroll information, communication tools, schedules plus more. It helps minimise double handing of related human errors and information.

Payroll Software

Workin Pay comes complete with employee management and payroll solutions. The advantages are myriad: higher efficiency, cost savings, greater security and information available from controlling the full employment lifecycle.
Workin Pay gives HRs complete access and control anytime, anywhere. It powers employee self service on the go and connect with your workforce seamlessly. Over and above, HRs gain access to data analytics on most devices. Both Employees and Employers can update shift information, update availability and access payroll information and lots more.

Benefits of

Workin Pay

  • Elimination of iterative tasks through automation

  • Ability to reach a large pool of candidate profiles regarding new position openings

  • Ability to apply greater selection standards to a number of candidate applications

  • Faster onboarding made easy by mobile accessibility

  • Greater cost savings through elimination of paperwork and documentation

  • Better distribution of up-to-date materials concerning company procedures and policies

  • Scope for higher employee engagement via self-service options

  • Streamlining of open enrolment for employee benefits

  • Empowers employees to alter benefits information in a straightforward manner in the case of any changes

  • Enhanced collaboration across organizational levels, even in the case of multiple locations

  • Optimization schedule with accent on immediate distribution to staff and policy compliance

  • Error reduction in employee information database and payroll

  • Enhanced time and attendance tracking accuracy and capabilities

  • Reduced compliance woes assisted by automatic reporting and alert options

  • Helps make more informed decisions in real time making use of analytics and addition of organization data

Looking to avail the best-in-class project-based HRMS, payroll management, and time & attendance management software in Singapore? We are just a click away in running your business with Workin Pay.

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