Workin Pay

Integrated with time management

Attendance and leaves are can be synchronized with the payroll to calculate wages or salaries for the employees

standardize to government norms

Payslip are customized to the government standard / guidelines

expense claims

System enables employees to claim expenses.

bulk upload of allowance and deductions

System provides easier option of uploading bulk data of every employees'allowance and deductions at one go.

loan/cash advance

Loan/cash can be deducted from the monthly salary

csv for bank payments

CSV /Excel format files can be created for the bank payments.

Payroll management Software Singapore

Workin Pay comes complete with employee management and payroll solutions. The advantages are myriad: higher efficiency, cost savings, greater security and information available from controlling the full employment lifecycle. Workin Pay gives HRs complete access and control anytime, anywhere. It powers employee self service on the go and connect with your workforce seamlessly. Over and above, HRs gain access to data analytics on most devices. Both Employees and Employers can update shift information, update availability and access payroll information and lots more

We offer one of the top HRMS (Human Resource Management System/Software) software and payroll management software in Singapore servicing the entire employment lifecycle from employee scheduling, onboarding, time & attendance, e-learning and payroll.

Frequently asked questions

Payroll software refers to the use of computers to produce paychecks and manage benefit payments for a company or community. Often, payroll software is integrated into the company’s enterprise resource planning system that provides an overall view of the company’s or community’s finances; in addition to payroll, it can manage customer relationships, production, personnel resources, invoicing and accounting.

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HRMS Software Singapore

Multiple Companies

Diamond Hierarchy

Employee Records

Safety Course Management


Warnings and Complaints


Resignations and Terminations

Employee Transfers

Contract Management

Project Assignments

Travel Management


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