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ABIWhiz brings you one of the most professional PRP software highly recommended by several industries for projectmanagement related environments such as construction, engineering and engineertoorder manufacturing. Whether you describe it as an Enterprise Project Management software or projectbased solution, the ABIWhiz is, by far, the best Project Resource Planning & Management software in Singapore for complex project environments and management of your entire manpower under single roof.

The ABIWhiz PRP offers more features than a project portfolio management and an ERP, including a number of dashboards, for effective planning and business management. It is quite an ERP software not developed around predictable processes such as repetitive manufacturing, but rather onetime projects such as engineering fabrication and construction, prototyping and other services.

Features of ABIWhiz PRP:

·  Recruitment and onboarding of employees
ABIWhiz PRP helps enterprises with onboarding employees and tracking time, builds a resource centre for new recruits or starters or estimate wages.

·  Collecting, storing and accessing employee information

Putting the right people on the right project starts with gathering, storing and accessing employee information. This helps project managers move them around effortlessly as per the requirement or demand of the project.

·  Mapping the approval hierarchy

ABIWhiz PRP helps your organization to build the required hierarchy levels for the purpose of project management. Therefore, any organization would get to see the reporting structure as desired by it and is represented naturally in data access levels.

·  Project Reporting And Analytics

ABIWhiz PRP comes with various powerful analytics tool for monitoring project performance through project overview reports, project activities reports, project workload reports, and project baseline reports. Analytics suite is designed to help management project wise and employee wise.

·  Capture Employees attendance

ABIWhiz PRP is built with the capability to record employee attendance and track clients including time and attendance management, leave management, time sheet management, overtime tracking and everything what it takes to simplify project management.

·  Elimination of calculation errors due to human operation

It is not advisable to assume 100 percent capacity for project work. ABIWhiz helps in eliminating resourcebased planning errors with rolebased planning. The objective is to make resource planning as realistic as possible. Time spent on all projects by employees can be easily tracked, and converted into a payroll.

·  Apply and Approve Leaves
Careful resource planning will reduce the number of budget changes and project efficiency during the project lifetime with leave apply and approve leave module.

·  An integrated Face Recognition System with Face Capture and Face Detection, in addition to using employee number, makes short work of project resource planning. User access is easily manageable for your employees.

·  Enterprises can budget manpower for a project and the budget can be easily tracked against salaries paid. The ABIWhiz PRP is complete with simple handout of salary advance as well as recovery for your staff.

Do you want to hear more on The ABIWhiz PRP or have questions on our PRP solutions? Let us arrange a call with you at a convenient time.

  • Manage your manpower under single roof.
  • Support for managing multiple companies that belong to a same group in a single database.
  • Track attendances and Leaves of your employees
  • Face recognition enabled mobile application to capture attendance
  • Mobile application works without face recognition as well using employee number.
  • Budget your manpower for a project and track it against salaries paid.
  • Track time spent on all projects.
  • Manage user access for your employees.
  • Convert the time spent by your workers into a payroll
  • Easy handout of salary advance and recovery for your manpower
  • Dashboards for Management to effectively planning business.
  • Various analytics and reports to choose from.

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