Facial Recognition Software Singapore

Face Recognition

Secure Login through Face Recognition.
Employee Face Recognition.
Clock-in/ Clock-out with Face Recognition.

Project Based Attendance

Supervisor can take multiple attendance.
Project wise time capturing.
GPS Tied Project Locations.

Match Project Locations with GPS.
Eliminating Proxy attendance.


Dynamic Reporting with Analytics.

Cost Effective

Eliminate cost of bio-metric devices.
Eliminate cost of punch cards at work sites.

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Smart Track Features

Abi-Tech has been helping several businesses adopt intelligent Facial Recognition, Employee Attendance, Face Detection & Identification, Time & Attendance Management applications in Singapore. We are a market leading company for Facial recognition Mobile Application for time & attendance management in Singapore. Our solutions are a notch above the rest with enhanced level of time attendance tracking and security access control.Research studies have indicated that staffing payroll tops the list of major cost expenditure in almost any business, big or small. This means Employee monitoring & management processes and payroll process has become crucial for any company to remain competitive and operationally efficient in the market place.

Face Recognition System

Facial recognition system is a type of biometric software that maps the facial feature of an individual mathematically and the data stored as a faceprint. The software utilizes deep learning algorithm for comparing a digital image or live capture to the stored face print so as to verify the identity of an individual.

What is ABIWhiz Face Recognition Software

ABIWhiz Smart Track, our Face Identification & Project Based Attendance App in Android and iOS, enables authorised personnel to capture attendance by simply using the faces of employees. An extension to our popular ABIWhiz TMS, it integrates organizational approval workflow and eases admin work spent on manual record of time and attendance log and payroll calculation.

What are the benefits of ABIWhiz Smart Track?

Contactless hands-free operation

The non-contact and non-intrusive nature of the process of authentication results in zero personal hygiene risks. No additional physical credentials like RFID Smartcard, Keys or passwords are required as visitors can just ‘Look’ and ‘Walk’ when they need to authenticate with the Face recognition system and gain access at the access control turnstile and door lock.

Secure & accurate Facial Geometry identification

ABIWhiz Smart Track, our cutting-edge face detection app, features 100% accuracy, and is faster, more secure (with larger pool of data) every time during the authentication process and helps gain entry access into a particular site. Our solution comes complete with employee face recognition including Clock-in/ Clock-out and secure login through face recognition. It also removes the cost of installing punch cards and bio-metric devices at work sites.

Protection against time fraud

With our Facial recognition App it is difficult to forge identification as the camera that comes with the web-based biometric time and attendance system can produce an accurate capture of the 3D depth and is smart enough to distinguish between a fake 2D photo of a face and a real face. Only the registered face is used to identify your staff. In addition, the time capture is done through registered face, thereby preventing ‘Time Fraud’.

Consistent connectivity for easy integration

ABIWhiz Smart Track comes equipped with built-in interface which supports many industry-standard protocol designed for communicating critical data between devices like TCP-IP Ethernet communication and USB port for easy export of data. Companies can also look to integrating existing surveillance systems for managers to facilitate visual scanning and reading by the personnel for thorough verification.

User-friendly intuitive interface

Our Facial recognition Application for time & attendance management comes with a user-centric operation interface for simple network navigation. It is also complete with visual feedback and voice audio alert indicators for positive ID verification and full-colour touch screen display.

Built-in Camera for visual verification

A built-in camera allows you to receive video feedback solutions in real-time as it enables proper head adjustment and positioning. It is also built for user’s facial data capture, as it frees you from any need for installing separate Security Camera Systems for visual verification.

Manage instances of attendance infringement

Our time & attendance management hardware and face recognition attendance software can handle instances of attendance infringement as it helps allow the supervisor to manage attendance for multiple executives at a time, enable project-wise time capturing, map project locations using GPS, remove proxy attendance, and tie up project locations based on the GPS. It can easily track workforce in a particular specification, given a specific time period or whether attendance is captured from the work site or elsewhere. The project-wise attendance captured is used for calculation of project manpower expenses. The dynamically generated report data, on demand, includes powerful analytics for analysis and visualization.
If you want to learn more about our Face Recognition Attendance Software and like to see a demo on request, just send us an email at sales@abi-tech.com.sg or contact us at +65-66532412.

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