Workin Stock n assets


Helps the user to track all consumable items and assets from a single point. This gives the company complete visibility about what happens with their materials and assets.

Manage Items

Manage the inflow and outflow of items along with cost of different items on different purchase dates.

Costing Management

Track the cost of all consumable items and assets based on your projects.

Multiple locations

Helps you manage materials and assets across locations.

management assets

Helps you keeps track of your purchased or leased assets and their availability schedule.

Decision control

With all the costing of material and assets centralized, decision making will be simple for the upcoming projects.

Best stock and asset Management Software Singapore

Workin Stock n Assets is a web-based Inventory and Asset Tracking software that keeps track of all you materials, stocks and assets. It connects back to all the Projects your company is running and manage costing for better cost management of the upcoming projects. 

Frequently asked questions

Inventory management system is an effective tool that helps your company organize your consumable materials and its stock level. You can track the purchase cost and date of all the materials used in your projects.

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