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Workin Time Features

Workin Time is web-based software that automates shift, OT and lateness calculation. It connects the various HR process tracking including your payroll, attendance software and automation of HR & Payroll processes. It offers companies, enterprises,
organizations and startups in Singapore with complete visibility, and this means no exporting or slow API integrations sent to payroll for processing.

What is Time Management System

TMS time management system is an effective tool that helps your company stay organized. It is generally integrated with time-saving administrative options including the capability to view, monitor and approve timecards electronically and perform project-oriented
time tracking.

Here are its salient features that you can capitalize to the fullest to improve productivity and boost employee morale:

Feature of Workin Time & Attendance System

  • Workin Time comes with face recognition software which helps identify employees, customers, visitors and maintains track of their daily attendance; therefore, eliminating any manipulation via proxy attendance at the workplace.

  • Biometric time and attendance technology brings efficiency to the workplace, particularly for employees and staff working from a fixed physical location, with instant reports that help you make better decisions.

  • Our Time Management Web App help you extract excel from excel sheet format in normal template/ custom templates that offer you attendance summaries by hour or by day. You can view reports for entire teams or for individual employees. You can set
    filters for shifts, custom date ranges, locations and many more so that you can drill down on a granular level.

  • A dedicated self-help portal gives employees access to manage leaves, view their official documents, company forms and policies, etc.

  • In most organizations and enterprises, requesting, approval and tracking leaves of absence can end up in chaos. Our time management system can help you easily cancel one’s approved leave application simply with a valid reason for cancellation.

  • Sometimes it can be tricky and also tiresome for an HR professional to maintain track of the number of leaves a staff avails of. With our time management software, the employer as well as the employees can track the past leave history with ease.

  • An organization is not free from multi-tier hierarchy; reporting to multiple managers can be taxing, to say the least. That is why our time and management system brings you a diamond model approval hierarchy which allows employees to report at
    different management levels

  • Another plus of our software is Import calendar option to save public holiday details and use that against attendance for calculation of Employee Over Time.

  • When it comes to Shift management, Workin Time tracking software helps you optimize shift scheduling effectively and efficiently with improved shift allocation, shift modification, shift exchange and improved shift management.

  • The software allows employers to set up as many custom leave types they require to cover every possible leave type relating to the employee and business. Over and above, they can also create and keep track of employee leave balances.

  • Employees can log their time for the completed work and report to the supervisor. Our real-time employee timesheet software prevents time theft, increases punctuality and saves one’s valuable money by not paying for unworked hours. This
    means project wise manpower can be fully captured and utilized to enhance productivity.

  • Our software’s reporting and analytics help you accurately and easily forecast budgets, resources and workloads. The real-time data help balance supply-demand chain, manage employees and stay within budget.

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